The latest technology in correcting myopia and astigmatism, by removing a thin layer from the corneal stroma (Lenticule) through a small 2-3 mm incision, using femtosecond laser. SMILE procedure provides quick and painless visual improvement, and the risk of developing dry eyes is low due to the small incision made on the surface of cornea.


SMILE is a flap-less procedure, which means that all complications associated with corneal flap, as in the case of LASIK, would be excluded in SMILE. Retained part of the lenticule could happen in 3%, without significant visual compromise in most cases. If the visual outcome was suboptimal, further refractive surgery might be needed. Regression of shortsightedness could be encountered in 2% after the SMILE procedure, which might need further correction.
On the first day following SMILE procedure, 55% of the patients will achieve 20/20 vision. This percentage would increase to 93% by the end of the first month, and 96% by 3 months.
Like other laser refractive surgery patient should be 21 year-old and above

£5000 for both eyes

Including surgery and 4 postoperative follow-ups




0% interest finance available over 2 years