ICL (Implantable Collagen Lens) or IMPLANTABLE CONTACT LENS:

ICL is a lens that could be implanted inside the eye without having to remove the normal lens. The advantage is that the patient can keep his normal lens, which means the patient will still be able to accommodate (able to focus on a near object) until the patient reaches the age of 40, at which time the normal lens would start to lose the ability to accommodate.

ICL is a good option for patients who have refractive errors (short-sightedness, long-sightedness, ASTIGMATISM), who are not suitable for laser refractive surgery.It could treat a wide range of refractive errors (between +6 to -18 dioptres) and astigmatism up to 6 dioptres.

The main risk is the development of cataract over 10 years after the surgery, in less than 1% of the patients, for which patients might need to have cataract surgery to improve the vision. Eye pressure may increase in 5% of the patient, however, the surgery is reversible and the lens could be removed if needed.
ICL could be used for myopic patients aged 21 to 60 year-old and for hypermetropic patients aged 21 to 45 year old.