Corneal Collagen Cross Linking with Riboflavin (C3R)
Corneal ectatic disease (like keratoconus) is a progressive disease in which the cornea becomes steeper over the years, due to loss of rigidity, which deteriorate the vision.
Corneal collagen cross-linking is the procedure to promote cross-linking between collagen fibres within the cornea, to halt to progression of the ectatic disease. The procedure is accomplished by installing Riboflavin (vitamin B2) drop in the eye then focusing the ultraviolet light on the eye for 10 minutes. Following the procedure a bandage contact lens is used to control the pain and the patient is checked next day in the eye clinic to check for surface healing.
The procedure can cause pain in the first night after surgery, for which the patient will be provided with a bandage contact lens and pain killers.